HOnk HOnk HOnk: The Top 10 Over-The-Top Holiday Decorated Vehicles

Old and busted: Holiday home displays big and bright enough to outshine Rudolph's red nose. New hotness: cars and trucks decorated with more glowing bells & whistles than Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Before we begin, let's all remember that involving your car or truck (or train, even) in the quest for seasonal cheer is one thing, forgetting to unplug your vehicular display before making yet another egg nog run is another.

10) Yule Look & Yule Listen

Meet “Holly Berry”, a seasonally-decorated vintage cruiser whose hundreds of colored lights flash in time to holiday music. Hopefully no one will request “Jingle Cats”. (decorated holiday vehicle image via etee2k[DOT]new)

9) Caddy Shock

There's one way to bring a Christmas tree home, and there's this guy's way. While the latter is certainly more seasonal in tone, one must question the wisdom of mounting a tree on the car roof, then cruising through town dodging overhead electrical wires. You know what else big black Cadillacs are used for? (decorated holiday vehicle image via Visual News

8) After Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Hearses, that's what! “I decided to decorate my Hearse for Christmas,” explains Brandon Osuna. “Merry Christmas from the other side!” In related news, Brandon Osuna drives a hearse. (decorated holiday vehicle image via Osunaphotography

7) Little Saint Nick

And we do mean little, though there's no doubt this Santa-fied Smart Car sparks a LOT of smiles. On the downside, a LOT of kids'll be going without toys this Xmas if Santa decides to economize and trades in his sleigh. Now that wouldn't be Smart at all. (decorated holiday vehicle image via Smart Car Forums

6) Chanukah Corolla

OK, so maybe it's a tad subdued but this seasonal mobile display IS over the top... of a Toyota Corolla. Besides, where else are you gonna see a candelabra this ostentatious? Since Liberace passed away, that is. (decorated holiday vehicle image via AutoOrb 

5) Blue Light Special

Elvis may be having a blue Christmas without you but this guy has no such worries. One wonders whether his wife green-lighted this brilliant display, however, and if not whether he'll be given the red light when it comes to hanging the mistletoe. (decorated holiday vehicle image via Show Us Your Christmas!

4) Flight Deck The Halls

Kudos to Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kevin J. Steinberg for publishing this pic of an F/A-18 Hornet, decorated to the wingtips with Christmas lights, on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77). Forget mistletoe, this bad boy's got actual missiles. (U.S. Navy photo by (decorated holiday vehicle image via Wikimedia/Kevin J. Steinberg

3) The OTHER Polar Express

The 14-car Canadian Pacific Holiday Train, decorated with over 30,000 feet of Christmas lighting, blazes a trail from Montreal to Port Moody BC, making over 100 stops along the way. “People have an opportunity see a beautifully decorated train with a free musical show,” explains CP employee Randy Marsh, “and it's a great opportunity for them to come out and support food banks.” Nice to see a locomotive with an ulterior motive, amiright? (decorated holiday vehicle image via Toronto Observer)

2) Turn Off The Heater!

The Peluso family from northern Kentucky set up this static display – hopefully it's static and not dynamic – to show there's no Christmas like a van down by the river Christmas. Not to worry, though, if Frosty's been drinking it's probably only antifreeze. (decorated holiday vehicle image via qrtr2four

1) Season's Graffiti-ings

Sometimes less is more, know what I'm sayin'? Take this four-wheeled iteration of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree: it may not be the brightest or most beautiful decorated vehicle on the block but hey, just look at the block! (decorated holiday vehicle image via Automopedia

Wreath Witherspoon, I presume? Local law enforcement agencies may not approve of your mobile holly jolly light show. As with most recreational activities, make sure it's legalized before you light up. (decorated holiday vehicle image above via MYNorthwest.com, at top via ForWallpaper.com)