Hoodie That Holds Beer = Radness

You know the first thing that I like to do when I come home from skiing, snowshoeing or any other tiring winter sport? Wrap myself in my warmest, most comfortable shirt and kick back with a cold beer.

Clearly the folks at Columbia enjoy the same after-sport activity (as do most people). The Koozie Hoodie is a big, comfortable hooded sweatshirt that is as prepared for apres-ski beers as any garment ever sewn together. While it lacks an integrated cooler, it does have two large pockets purpose-built for storing beers--in either can or bottle form (sorry, you're still going to spill if you shove a draft pint in your pocket). The Koozie also has a bottle opener attached, so you're never left scrounging around looking for one. Those pockets should also hold plenty of excess caps. 

And just in case you're all exhausted and jittery after your climb/hike/first descent, the Koozie uses a water-resistant treatment, so the spilled beer will roll right off. The poly/cotton blend is even windproof, so you can enjoy those beers outside under the mountain peaks. 

You can find the Columbia Koozie for $75. (Update: The Koozie is no longer in inventory. A similar beer hoodie is available here.)

Via: The GearCaster 

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