Hoodie From Marthe Aime SS 2010 Let’s Men Show Off Their Pecks!

Hoodies have typically been made to wear during the cooler seasons; sweaters that immediately offer head warmth with very little effort. They're also a nice, cozy fashion item to throw on for a cooler summer evening on the beach. This might be what you've come to expect from a hoodie, but that's all about to change with a unique and unusual fashion design.

Bottomless HoodieBottomless Hoodie

From Marthe Aime's SS 2010 collection for men comes a hoodie that really creates a new definition. Sure it's a hoodie, but it really only covers the head and upper body. Nope, it's not designed to be worn as a scarf; it's a perfect summer fashion so that men can hold onto their favorite style from the cooler months without boiling during afternoons in the summer heat. Plus, what buff guy could pass up on the chance to show off his pecks and abs?

Hoodie From Marthe Aime SS 2010Hoodie From Marthe Aime SS 2010

Do you sense a hint of sarcasm here? You decide; hit or miss with this fashion?

Via: TrendHunter