Hopscotch Floor Decals Bring Outdoor Fun Indoors


There was a period of time in my elementary school days when I was really into playing hopscotch.  The bell would ring for recess and my friends and I would rush out onto the playground to get one of the hopscotch grids before they were all taken.  Who knows where this little girl obsession came from, but as far as fixations go it was a pretty tame one.  It provided some exercise and the chance to interact with friends.

I tell you, if I had had the chance to play hopscotch indoors at home I would have been thrilled!  For today’s kids this is entirely possible (and without having to whip out the sidewalk chalk and draw a grid on the carpet).  Hopscotch Floor Decals are easily installed on most types of flooring and can be removed with any damage to the floor.

This one by Dezign with a Z even has a chalkboard finish so it can be written on just like a schoolyard hopscotch game.  I think it would make a really cute addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom and would be a lot less messy than moving the sandbox inside.  You can get a Hopscotch Decal here.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: This decal is no longer available. Another HopScotch Decal is available on Amazon here.