Hormel Black Label Bacon-Fueled Motorcycle Is One Hot Crispy Ride

The Hormel Black Label Bacon-Fueled Motorcycle, based on the rare Track T800 CDI chopper, features an 800cc, three-cylinder diesel engine purposely tuned to run on 100% biodiesel... ideally sourced from bacon grease, of course.

We can thank Dutch diesel motorcycle manufacturer EVA Products BV for bringing the motoring world this heapin' helpin' of roadgoing rasher, which we're sorely tempted to call a Hog but for the fact that Harley-Davidson isn't involved in any way, shape or form.

Rather, EVA Products BV based this unique one-off motorcycle concept on their very own Track T800 CDI, of which a mere 20 were produced between 2009 and 2012. The Track T800 CDI is no slouch in non-baconated form, mind you: at its heart lies an 800 cc three-cylinder CDI common rail turbo diesel engine developed by Mercedes specially for this project.

Pumping out 45 HP (34 kW) through a CVT transmission, the Track T800 CDI has a top speed of 99 mph (160 km/h) and can accelerate from 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in just 6 seconds.

Some specific tweaking was required for the Hormel Black Label Bacon-Fueled Motorcycle to, well, be fueled by bacon... 100% biodiesel made from bacon grease, that is. The modified chopper will still make the 0-60 sprint in 6 seconds but in doing so, it perfumes the air left behind with the unmistakable aroma of bacon. Who knew being eco-friendly could smell so sweet?

The Hormel Black Label Bacon-Fueled Motorcycle features several other modifications to enhance its awesome bacon-ocity such as custom fenders, headlights & taillights, a lowered suspension, and genuine pig leather seat upholstery.

The new custom gas tank supplies the engine to the tune of 100 miles per gallon: that's a lotta miles and a lotta bacon grease saved from wasteful disposal. Visit Driven By Bacon for more details and upcoming news on this SOOOEY-test of rides! (via Uncrate and HiConsumption)