Toys For Horses Relieve Stall Stress

Equi-Spirit Soccer BallEqui-Spirit Soccer Ball
Stress can cause a variety of aggressive and fearful responses in animals. Think about zoo animals or "pets" that are captured in the wild and then confined to a courtyard or cage.
Even domesticated animals have anxiety living in confined areas. Equine behaviorists have long recognized the negative effects of stable stress on horses, one of the most sensitive animals studied, and they have developed horse toys to help them reduce stress and have fun!


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Just watch these horses delight in play!


(The "Horseball" brand is apparently no longer available, but fortunately this beautiful video remains... These oversized sturdy balls can be purchased on Amazon here, and other retailers of horse toys.)


Equi-Spirit Equine Soccer Ball

This Equi-Spirit 40" Equine Soccer Ball is available from Natural Horse Talk for $118. Natural Horse Talk is the sponsor of the internet radio show called If Your Horse Could Talk and hosts seminars and training for horses and horse owners at its farm in Arizona.


Equi-Spirit Soccer BallEqui-Spirit Soccer Ball

Horses enjoy playing soccer alone or with their riders. A new form of horse soccer is played with a large ball such as the one above. Horses and riders form teams and set up soccer goals. The horses, guided by their riders kick or nudge the ball toward the team's goal. Videos of horse and owner soccer can be seen here .

Equi-Sprit Equine Catch Ball

Another interactive toy is the Equi-Sprit Catch Ball, ($25) that can be volleyed from owner to horse, or from horse to horse. This is a great game for bonding and socialization.


Equi-Spirit Catch BallEqui-Spirit Catch Ball

Horse Jolly Toy

The Jolly Toy for dogs has been made larger and stronger for horses. The horse Jolly is made in 8" and 10" diameters, and even comes scented in apple and bubble gum (don't ask me!) flavors. About $20 at


Jolly Ball For HorsesJolly Ball For Horses


The Pas-A-Fier

Pas-A-Fier is a mounted toy, designed to release boredom in the stall. When the horse spins the toy, it releases an odor of apples. Don't bother searching for "pas-a-fier" in the French-English dictionary; pas-a-fier is a transliteration of the English word pacifier!

Pas-A-Fier Horse ToyPas-A-Fier Horse Toy


Wiggly Giggly Equine Ball

Another dog toy come horse toy is the Wiggly Giggly Equine Ball, which makes silly noises when your horse moves it. This can be hung in the stall or left in the pasture for your horse's tosses, kicks or nuzzles. About $10 at KV Supply or Amazon.

Wiggly Giggly For HorsesWiggly Giggly For Horses


HorseplayRound Free Rolling Field Toy

Food is a big motivator for horses, so several designers of equine toys have come up with food treat toys as ways to hold a horse's attention. Most require the horse to perform certain movements in order to release the bits of food in various toys.

The HorseplayRound Free Rolling Field Toy ($66) houses internal noise-making balls as well as treats that spill out as the toy is rolled.

Horseplay Round Field ToyHorseplay Round Field Toy

HorseplayRound Mounted Stall Toy

The HorseplayRound Mounted Stall Toy ($47) is a smaller version of the Rolling Toy that can be mounted in the stall. When your horse spins the round, it releases treats!


HorseplayRound Mounted Stall ToyHorseplayRound Mounted Stall Toy


Likit Tasters

The Likit Company of Great Britain creates toys to introduce wholesome nutrition to horses while they play! Its parent company, Scotmin Nutrition Ltd., produces various nutritional supplements for the forms made by Likit and you get some interesting results, shown below. The Likit website has some great short videos of horses using their products.

The Likit products covered in this article link to and are available from

The basic Likit unit is a glucose-based treat in several natural flavors. The large is shown below ($7.00), but it also comes in a smaller round ($4.80). The Likit Holder, ($28) including the the food unit, is shown next, followed by the Likit Tongue-Twister ($58), which does not include the little Likit food unit.


Likit Nutrition Unit - CherryLikit Nutrition Unit - Cherry


Likit HolderLikit Holder

Likit Tongue TwisterLikit Tongue Twister

Likit Snak-A-Balls

Likit also makes the Snak-A-Ball ($59) which distributes a pellet food upon movement. The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago may have been the first zoo to order this product for its giraffes, but many zoos have since made Likit products, as well as other horse toys, available for their large animals to relieve their anxiety and boredom caused by confined conditions.

Likit Snak-A-BallLikit Snak-A-Ball

Inventors Wanted?

This month, a 60 year old Australian woman was killed by her pet camel while the camel was trying to have sex with the woman. On the other side of the world in Suffolk County, New York, the owner of a baboon tarantula called the S. P. C. A. and requested that it pick up his pet spider because the venemous, 3-foot jumping spider had become too aggressive for the owner to handle.

Anyone care to invent some stress relievers for these guys?

Here's to horseplay!

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Aug 29, 2007
by Anonymous Mr. Ed (not verified)

Like a Horse Isn't Already Hung Well Enough

Now he can have a big ball on his head.

Aug 30, 2007
by bottleslingguy
bottleslingguy's picture

We bought a JollyBall for

We bought a JollyBall for that sweet little creature you see in my photo posing so nicely for the camera and he had a hole chewed in it within five minutes. They're not worth the money if you have an aggressive chewer. 

"The real difficulty in changing any enterprise lies not in developing new ideas but in escaping from the old ones." Maynard Keynes

Oh yeah! Please check out my  Bottle Sling - Invention Gallery .

Aug 30, 2007
by Mike S (not verified)

Great Idea

What a great idea, they look like they';re really enjoying themselves.

Sep 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Brings Back Memories of Elementary School

The teachers always used to tell us to "quit horsing around".  It is funny that we never questioned where that expression came from or why it was used. 

Nov 25, 2007
by Samsunspot (not verified)

Horse Play

I was filled with joy when I watched this video. Even though I have heard of these toys for horses, I have never seen them action. It is certainly too much for words!

And why not? We have only just begun to explore our relationship with animals on this planet. How many of us want only to ride or to 'do something' with horses and we do not imagine that they, like us, can feel the utter joy of pure play! If you like seeing horses at play and want to know more about their lives as our spiritual equals check out the video at

Nov 27, 2008
by Anonymous

Equi spirit ball

I bought an Equi Spirit soccer ball for my June born foal this year because his mother has always been very leery and afraid of balls of any size and I didn't want him to start out worried about them. She learned from her mother(grandma), but neither ever had any reason to be afraid of balls. Both where born and raised by me and neither had a boogie experience with balls. Mother is a trail horse that will go over under and through anything, but put a ball under her and she will leap in the air and take off. I have also worked at desensitizing her using all kinds of balls, but for some reason she has never been able to accept them. Her mother was the same about balls, but was also a great trail horse.

Her foal got on the 40" right away at 1 week old. Mother was very concerned about this at first and tried to drive him away from it, but him being an independent type ignored her and kept playing. She is just ok with them now, but he attacks that ball with all the enthusiasm in the world. Bottom line.....He LOVES his ball. I also have the Equi spirit catch ball and he walks around with it in his mouth everyday. Another neat toy he likes is the Mega Wubba which is not on this site, but is a dog toy that I picked up at Petsmart. It is a Kong toy. There are also various other toys, logs and tarp pieces around in his field to help him before he goes through his trail training in a few years.

Nov 28, 2008
by Anonymous

jolly ball

my horse absolutly loves the joly ball! Your horse will sure to love it too.

Dec 5, 2008
by Anonymous

i love your stuff

i love your stuff

Dec 26, 2008
by Anonymous

My 3 year old colt loves to

My 3 year old colt loves to chew EVERYTHING! He chews the metal fence , he chews the tack shed door,he chews on our clothes sometimes! I'm thinking about getting him a jolly ball for horses, but will he chew it to pieces in seconds? or is the rubber hard enough for his little, but strong colt teeth?

Jan 10, 2009
by Anonymous

jolly ball

we got our colt a jolly ball when he was 6 months now hes 10 months, and he loves it especialy in the winter when hes in his stall.

(my horses name)