Hot Flash or Cold Chill?: High-Tech Jackets Adjust To Temperatures

 The idea of renewable insulation by using argon gas instead of down for winter clothing dates back to 2009 and is credited to a Utah-based comany known as Klymit. This first idea for blow-up clothing , however, was a dud, bursting like a fat balloon on unimpressed consumers. This was mostly due  to the fact that the company expected payment for renewing the argon gas containers every few months.


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Enter NuTech and NuDown

Under the guidance of entrepreneur, Jeff Pickett, founder of NuDown, which was established in 2013 and based in Reno, Nevada, inflatable insulation has undergone significant repackaging  with more user-friendly touches. Instead of an argon gas inflater, a simple hand pump can easily adjust body warmth. Known as NuTech, regular, ubiquitous and most of all, free air is used to control insulation levels. A release valve emits air for cooling down.

The number of pumps determines the degree of warmth provided. One degree in Fahrenheit per single pump is the rule of thimb with 20 being sufficient for those "slightly chilly days" and 30-40 accomodating really cold weather. For temperatures of 20 degrees (-7C) and below, argon canisters  can still be purchased and utilized for optimum warmth.


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The NuDown jacket  makes temperature adjustment a customized, personal thing. It allows the wearer to adjust insulation to provide either more warmth or the option to cool down. The jacket's pockets can be pumped full of air and/or argon gas to offer warmth and insulation for the outdoor enthusiast on the ski slopes or hiking along snow-covered paths. The NuDown seems to be two jackets in one, exchanging appearances with the  pumping process from big and puffy to sleek and lightweight depending on temperature fluctuations.

 The Amazing NuDown Jacket

Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or just someone who enjoys tinkering in the backyard, this amazing jacket is guaranteed to keep you comfortable by accomodating a huge swing in temperature variations. The NuDown jacket underwent several tests  at a thermal reserach facility at Kansas  State University. Researchers found that it had "the best clothing insulation rating (CLO) warmth-to-weight ratio when inflated with argon gas, in comparison to similar fit and function, premium down vests and jackets."


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Other features of the NuTech jacket

The jacket is not made of down which is certain to appeal to all those who avoid animal-related products either due to allergies or ethical values. NuTech is just as versatile and offers the same benefits of the argon-based design minus the need to replace the canisters.

 The future of on-demand garment technology

Warmth has become an issue as personal as hand-written diaries and journals, and on demand garment technology  is causing a quiet revolution in insulation. There's no telling  where wearable technoogy is headed in the years to come, but at least we know that we cankeep as warm as desiredw aiting for all the wonderful  ideas to unfold.

Closing  thoughts on cold weather:

The Bermuda Triangle got tired of warm weather. It moved to Alaska. Now Santa Claus is mising. ~ Steven Wright