Hot Looking Customers Eat Hot-Pot Free At "Pay By Face" Restaurant

A hot-pot restaurant in Zhengzhou, China has come up with an innovative cross-promotion with a nearby plastic surgery clinic. Dubbed “FREE MEAL FOR GOODLOOKING” on the cafe's outdoor sign, the promo provides free meals for attractive customers whose scanned faces are remotely rated as such by clinic consultants.

Hungry candidates eager to eat at no charge begin the process at an interactive screen set up in the restaurant's front lobby. Equipped with a touchscreen and a webcam, customers must dine in suspense while images of their faces are pored over by a team of consultants at JIMEI cosmetic surgery clinic.

The process benefits the restaurant as only actual beauties (or overly narcissistic types) will risk ordering food and drink like there's no tomorrow. The rest are doomed to anxiously pick at their portions while viewing a long and detailed list of scoring standards posted on the cafe's second floor wall.   

The rules also state that the top five highest scorers in each 30 minute time period will have their bills torn up. Presumably this is a busy restaurant as if 5 or less customers apply every half hour the restaurant is “pretty” much doomed to fail. (via Shanghaiist and Ifeng News)