Hot Cup Of Joe: Coffee Establishment Just For Magic Mike Fans

It is a growing trend to for businesses that have nothing to do with sex, to use it to give them an edge in their market. They use provocative tricks to grow, which is of course controversial.  Women are typically the ones putting themselves on display for the benefit of men in such businesses. The reverse business structure is marginally less common, not because there isn't a market, but because many women prefer to be more discreet when it comes to male ogling. At least, they did until Hollywood decided to make a movie about men shaking what their mommas gave them.

If you haven't heard of the fim 'Magic Mike"  in the past year, regardless of your gender or sexual preferences, then you've been living under a rock. The movie stars Channing Tatum, among other celebrities that have been in the running for "sexiest man of the year" competitions with various magazines over the years. They prove that they are worthy of such titles by dancing on-screen with very little clothing on. Of course, women jumped at the chance to see these gentlemen in their all of their shirtless glory.

Don't worry, revisiting the plot of Magic Mike isn't what I was intending to do here, but those details are important as it is this movie that has inspired a hot new business idea that's steamy in more ways than one. Hot Cup of Joe is a coffee shop that provides hot drinks, and hot men - the all male staff is topless while they prepare orders, and appeal to the cravings of their guests. It is an added bonus that consumers focused on watching their sugar intake can skip the baked goods and have a little something sweet on the side anyway.

While this surely isn't the first business to make men the eye-candy, there's no doubt that this one will be following a successful model that has been popularized by organizations staffed by women. Just think about Coyote Ugly, Hooters, or the restaurants featured recently on MTV's show Big Tips Texas. The women serving patrons in these establishments are generally clothed, but their uniforms don't leave much to the imagination, which makes for packed seatings and generous tips. More recently, Bikini Baristas has become a growing trend as well.

Only time will tell if Hot Cup of Joe is going to be as successful as its female-run predecessors, and the business owners hope to encourage this from getting the men to take it off - again. Instead of just going shirtless they hope to introduce customized boxer/briefs for added appeal. The man behind this business concept is confident he knows how to sell sex however necessary (though legally) to make it work, thanks to his experience in the adult entertainment industry. 

Hot Cup of Joe opens at 5am every morning. Would you choose it for a pick me up to start your day?

Via: ABC News

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