Hot Dog? Chill Your Collie with a Cool Pet Pad!

With several of the country's nuclear power plants either damaged by the March earthquake and tsunami or in government-ordered shutdown mode, the watchword in Japan this summer is saving power. That's why pet-owners will appreciate this new gel-filled pad from Creative Yoko that draws no power whatsoever from external or internal energy sources.

The pad uses the same concept as the gel bed pad for people discussed in this post last summer. The gel draws heat from the body and then radiates it out into the surrounding air.

The gel inside the mat is stable and sealed so as not to leak out, and the mat is ready to use right out of the box: no need to pre-chill it in your refrigerator. 

Since pets are smaller than their owners (in most cases), the pad can be smaller as well – ditto for the price: just 1,800 yen or around $22.50 each. Seems like a cheap, effective way to help make your pet's summer much less “ruff”. (via Walker Plus and

Editor's Update: This exact item is not available in the U.S., however, you can find similar pet cooling pads at Amazon here and at other retailers. 

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Aug 14, 2011
by Anonymous

Chill Your Collie with a Cool Pet Pad!

It looks like that he is feeling very comfortable on the cool pet pad.