Hot Off The Press! A 2009 Sarah Palin Calendar

Whether you think she'll be the 2012 Republican candidate for president or she's just getting an extra five minutes of fame, Sarah Palin is starring in her own 2009 calendar. The cover is not exactly cheesecake, unless you think it's sexy for a woman to stand in front of an American flag with an open shot gun slung over her shoulder.

The Sarah Palin 2009 Calendar, A Personal Look at the Vice Presidential Candidate, was compiled by Palin family friend, Wasilla resident, Wasilla Vice Mayor to Sarah Palin, and professional photographer, Judy Patrick.



Ms. Patrick is now focused on shooting (photo-shooting) big rigs and the people that work on them. The 50 shots of Sarah Palin and her family are spread throughout the $15.95 plus shipping, 13-month calendar. Other than what I've clipped from other sites (see credits below), I don't have any more information on the calendar... for example, whether or not the photo of Palin kneeling in the snow next to the bloody moose she shot is included.

Calendars can be purchased from Amazon.

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Oct 31, 2008
by Anonymous


Of course this happens. The Sarah Palin brand is just beginning. Before you know she's gonna be as big as Miley Cyrus. Which, of course, is a joke considering the situation.... maybe she should donate it to the deficit if she wants to be a real public servant. Or maybe to mentally challenged kids?

Oct 31, 2008
by Anonymous

What a surprise . . .

She has a friend????

Nov 4, 2008
by Anonymous


Sarah is great!! I'm buying this item for everyone in my family!! what a hot gift idea!!

Nov 4, 2008
by Anonymous

I forgot to mention, that link doesn't work, but I got mine at!

Nov 6, 2008
by Anonymous

Flinging Shotgun Over Shoulder

Boomer Babe wrote in her article that Sarah was: "flinging an open shot gun over her shoulder".

It just goes to show you how much Boomer Babe really knows about firearms. Go to any skeet/trap/clays shoot and you'll see that this form of carrying a firearm is one of the mandated ways to SAFELY carry unloaded. One of the others is broken open and carried in the crook of ones arm.

Oh, by the way Boomer Babe.. I don't know what your dictionary says, but mine defines FLINGING as: "THROWING WITH VIOLENCE"! I don't see Sarah "throwing anything with violence" in that photo.

Shi-Ku Chishiki

Nov 10, 2008
by Boomer Babe

Shi-Ku Chishiki

You're quite right about the word "fling and I changed the sentence to read as I had wanted it to using the word "slung." As for the way Ms. Palin was carrying the shotgun open, I did not write, or even imply, that it was unsafe to carry the gun in that fashion; I happen to own several.

Dec 30, 2008
by Anonymous

Sarah Palin Calendar

THe pic with her posing with a gun is just so sexy!

I wonder if there area any bikini shots :)

Getting it here thru Amazon -