Hot Pants: Wear Them And Get Hot!

Low waist, high leg?  Not.  But hot?  Oh yes, very hot!  Would you believe 167° Fahrenheit?

These hot pants get quite literally hot, and not necessarily from sex.  The plug-in hot pants have an internal silicone heating element that adjusts from 95º F to 167º F to make you sweat like... like you are in a sauna.


Sauna therapy in a pair of Sweat PantsSauna therapy in a pair of Sweat Pants


You get to control the heat, conveniently, from the tethered dial on the front of the pants, and get relief from sore muscles and joints as the heat stimulates blood flow to them - just as if you were in a sauna, only the heat is more intense, as it's 'closer to home.'

This pair of hot pants is actually therapeutic.  They're called, simply, Sweat Pants, are sold by HammacherSchlemmer and come with a lifetime guarantee. Sweat pants are made out of a soft polyacrylic and have a fibercotton lining.  They are one-size fits all, can be worn by men and women, and will fit over a pair of athletic shorts. Hook and loop closures on the legs and waist prevent the warmth from escaping and give you a nice comfy fit.

Don't worry about falling asleep in these hot pants; the built-in timer on the thermostat automatically shuts off after 50 minutes.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Hammacher no longer carries this item. You can read more about them here and then get the sauna pants from Amazon here.