Hot Stuff! Gourmet Chile Sea Salts Are Muy Caliente!

There are those people out there who think that food is too bland if your lips don't go numb from the heat. If you are one of these people, there is a Gourmet Chile Sea Salt Set available to enhance your culinary and dining Gourmet Chile Sea SaltGourmet Chile Sea Saltpleasure. You will be experimenting so much with these fabulous salt and pepper blends that they actually come packed in test tubes. They come in a range from slow smolder all the way up to full Fukushima melt-down!

This isn't just any wimpy glass they use in those test tubes either. They are Pyrex so you know they can handle the heat stored inside. Each tube has a spot in the wooden test tube rack that is included. If you are totally into saving the environment you can rest assured that every rack is made of reclaimed wood. That means that the color may vary from the photo.

There are six blends included in the set: Smoked Serrano Chili Sea Salt, Chili Pepper Cyprus Flake Finishing Sea Salt (from the island of Cyprus), Asian Szechuan Pepper Sea Salt (from the island of Asia), Jalapeno Sea Salt (strangely not from the island of Jalapeno), Hot Habanero Pepper Sea Salt (enough of that joke), and Hot Ghost Pepper Sea Salt (AKA Damn! That's Hot!).

Gourmet Chile Sea Salt SetGourmet Chile Sea Salt SetEach of the peppers is mixed with sea salt for your spicing pleasure. Of course this means that you will be totally ready to start working on that molten lava chili recipe that you've always dreamed of inventing. When the paint in the kitchen starts peeling from the fumes you will know that you have reached chili Nirvana!

If you aren't totally into blind experimentation when cooking, fear not. Each pepper blend comes with a card that gives a full description of each pepper blend, as well as suggestions on their use to create the perfect fiery fiesta of flavor.

The Gourmet Chile Sea Salt Set is the perfect gift for a foodie, chef, or anyone who just loves spicy foods, even if that person is you! It's the gift that keeps on burning.

Source: Think Geek

Sep 27, 2013
by Anonymous

I can't see the need. Most

I can't see the need. Most of my hot chillie recepies do not include salt. All the varieties of chilies mentioned are easy grow or buy. Seems like an expensive way of heating up your meal.