The Hourei Lift Bra Fights Laughter Lines While Looking Hilarious

The Hourei Lift Bra is a Japanese innovation that will prevent aging and remove those pesky laughter lines that gather around your mouth. However, if it looks hilarious, doesn't that seem a bit counterproductive? There's a chance this product actually works, but the giggling that ensues each time you see yourself in the mirror may undo the work that Hourei Lift Bra does.

The frame is placed over the bridge of the nose, while the band secures around the back of the head. The soft silicone "wire" pushes on your cheeks. The pressure upward eliminates fine lines, or as this product calls it, the nasolabial folds. It is recommended you perform mouth exercises while wearing the Hourei Lift Bra, but I would find this impossible since I'd be uncontrollably laughing. I'm unsure how anyone could successfully use this device, but I want to meet the person that does. I want to shake that person's hand.

Good luck laughing your way through these.Good luck laughing your way through these.

The best part about this device may be its description on Amazon. Sometimes there are translation errors. This may be the best "Engrish" I've had the pleasure of reading. "Up bra cheek like? Have you ever you are in laws and regulations wrinkles next morning when I sleep in the stomach?" Oh, it's like they are describing my life. I feel like laughing from the description is a precursor to the hilarity that will ensue if I bought the Hourei Lift Bra. 

 The Hourei Lift Bra removes laughter lines, but since it's so hilarious, I think you'll gain them all back. However, if you're into Japanese gadgets or removing nasolabial folds sounds like a fun time to you, you can purchase Hourei Lift Bra here

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May 14, 2014
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Ridiculously short,

Ridiculously short, insignificant article.