Hov Pod Offers Hovercraft Fun to Everyone

When summer rolls around and it's time for some "fun in the sun," many people will flock to the nearest lake or ocean and go on a little boating excursion. While this is perfect for some people, others would like something a little more fast paced and exciting. For those people, Reaction International Ltd. has provided the perfect solution in the form of a personal hovercraft.

That's right, your own personal hovercraft. The Hov Pod SPX -120 Turbo is powered by a 120 horsepower four-stroke engine manufactured by Weber Engines and is capable of traversing pretty much anything that has a fairly flat surface, water included.

It floats about 9 inches off the ground on a cushion of air being forced through the side and bottom of the skirt to provide lift. Some of those 120 ponies are reserved for forward propulsion and when fully unleashed, speeds of up to 50pmh have been achieved while on water.

The body of the hovercraft is made from high impact polyethylene, rather than the fiberglass that was used in the previous rendering. It is lighter and more resistant to the unavoidable collisions with random objects.

The SPX lineup also features 2 less powerful versions of the 120 Turbo. The first is the SPX 65 model, which houses a 65 horsepower two-stroke engine and can hit speeds of 45mph while on water. The next model is the SPX 72, which as you can guess, uses a 72 horsepower four-stroke engine and is equally as fast as the 65 model.

All three models can seat up to three adults and will remain afloat with up to 2000lbs onboard. From bow to stern it measures 11.9ft and at its widest point is 6.1ft across. When fully unloaded, the all three crafts weight in at 685lbs. While the craft is designed primarily for the leisure and rental markets, several rescue organizations have begun looking heavily at the SPX lineup for a fast responding water rescue vehicle.

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