Hover Ball: A Ball Safe Enough To Play With In The House

Wham-O brings you the Hover Ball and they claim it is the only soccer ball that floats like magic. Wham-O also brings you an accompanying commercial with the excitement of a product only matched by infomercial legend Billy Mays, may his soul rest in peace. Is Wham-O selling us the Hover Ball or the FIFA World Cup? If we are splitting hairs—or in Wham-O’s case, balls—the Hover Ball is not a ball. It’s half of a ball. And it doesn’t hover as much as it slides or glides. It may appear to float, but it doesn’t actually float. No magic involved. But Hover Ball is a soccer ball that is designed to be safe enough to play with in the house.

The Hover Ball is a soft and lightweight alternative to a real soccer ball. It’s also smaller than a soccer ball and invented to be used indoors only. Using Super Slider Technology, which I can’t seem to find what this means, though it looks like a piece of smooth and shiny plastic, the Hover Ball works best when it is used on carpet, tile, or wood floors. No batteries required. Wham-O recommends that your floors be cleaned before using the Hover Ball. Based on a few videos I watched on YouTube, debris seems to slow down or scratch the bottom surface of the Hover Ball. Maybe this will finally be your way of getting your kid to clean the floors.

So now that I have taken the mystique away, here is the reality: You will tell your kids not to throw or kick a ball in the house. Your kids will then promptly throw and kick a ball in the house. Trust me, I have three kids and quality time with my two boys consists of watching them throw balls off of our porch and then throwing them back. The boys also throw and kick anything and everything they can find while they are in the house. A Hover Ball is designed to be their target of choice.

Hover Ball comes in pink, blue, or green and won’t scratch or damage furniture or walls when it inevitably hits them. The Hover Ball may flip, but it is a lot less likely to go airborne. And because it is much lighter than a soccer ball, if it does go flying, the damage won’t be as severe.

Here is another reality: Hover Ball may appear to float like magic as it is kicked around the house, but your kids may still go airborne and damage furniture or walls while they play an indoor game of soccer. I have yet to find something that will magically slow down my kids or keep them from destroying the house.

But for rainy days or high energy kids who need to be active even when inside, Hover Ball is a great solution and a safe way to play ball in the house.