Hovertrax: Electric Skateboard That Will Change The Way We Travel And Play?


"Created to transform transportation toys and focus on practical movement, we've built a totally new product that celebrates personal and intuitive transport." That's what the makers of the Hovertrax, a new, motorized means of transportation (or just fun), say about their product on their website.

Hovertrax is an electric transporter reminiscent of a skateboard moving sideways. It employs the same technology as Segways, gyro tech. The gyroscope measures orientation and rotation. The gyro tech in the Hovertrax calculates the orientation and rotation of your feet on its board and moves accordingly, i.e. if you lean forward it moves forward. 

Gyro StabilizationGyro Stabilization

The Hovertrax's board consists of two independently moving foot pedals connected to two separate motors. If you rotate both feet forward, it moves forward. Rotate just your right foot, and the right motor accelerates, causing you to turn left and vice versa. And of course, leaning backwards will cause you to move backwards. With the Hovertrax, you can glide on the sidewalks, turn any way you please and spin in circles, if you want. 

Riding HovertraxRiding Hovertrax

The Hovertrax can travel up to 6mph and is very safe for the rider. With its auto-balancing capabilities, it can catch you if you get off balance, and without any handle bars, righting a mis-step simply means stepping off the machine. Of course, wearing protective gear isn't a bad idea either. 

You can use Hovertrax as a practical means of transportation. It can get you around the neighborhood or to work, and its compact size allows it to be stowed easily. It's also a lot of fun, and you can pick up one for the kids or for the kid inside. Of course, at $995 its no cheap means of fun, but odds are you'll certainly stand out on one. 

Source: Inventist