How About This Concept? Ground Wakeboard Is A Hover Board Powered By A Fuel Cell Car

Riding The Ground WakeboardRiding The Ground Wakeboard

Don't get too excited. This concept hasn't quite manifested physically. However, designer Ken Nagasaka has come up with something unique in the Ground Wakeboard--a concept that would pair a fuel cell car with a hover board to create an "on-land" wakeboarding experience. 

Ground Wakeboard ConceptGround Wakeboard Concept

This concept works on the supposition that Toyota and Yamaha team up to manufacture a "Cross Cruiser" fuel cell crossover vehicle and a lightweight Hover Board respectively. The Yamaha Hover Board would be powered by the Cross Cruiser's fuel cell. Electric power would surge from the fuel cell, through an attachment wire cable and into the Hover Board, propelling its fans.

Yamaha Hover BoardYamaha Hover Board

In this sort of system, the Hover Board wouldn't need its own motor, batteries or fuel, so it would only need enough lift to get the board and passenger off the ground. This is different from other Hover Board concepts, in which the board and means of propulsion are contained in one unit, and it may prove more effective in getting a passenger off the ground and hovering.

Toyota Fuel Cell CarToyota Fuel Cell Car

The Cross Cruiser would also have a unique design. Besides its fairly unique motive power--the fuel cell--it would come with a "rear deck." Just pop open the back glass to reveal a deck, similar to one on a boat. This feature, coupled with the Hover Board being pulled along behind the vehicle, would make for an "on-land" sort of wakeboarding experience. 

Hover Board FeaturesHover Board Features

As I mentioned, the Ground Wakeboard is just a concept, and building a prototype would mean investing a lot of resources and testing new technology. Nagasaka predicts that by the year 2030 there will be more diversity in power source options for vehicles. He believes that internal combustion vehicles will still be dominant, but sale prices in other, more environmentally friendly, cars will be closer to traditional vehicles, so a project like the Ground Wakeboard may be feasible, and I'm sure there are a lot of Back To The Future Fans (and wakeboarding fans) who are happy about that. 

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