How Would You Like To Sleep In This Floating Camper?

Nautic SleeperNautic Sleeper

You've probably seen a house boat. Maybe you've fantasized about living in one. The Nautic Sleeper is (or could be) a house boat on a smaller scale for campers. A concept design by Ruben Oya, this floating camper could allow the camper to enjoy the open water even while resting.

Nautic Sleeper By Ruben OyaNautic Sleeper By Ruben Oya

Like I said, this creative design is just a concept now, but campers could see the real product in the future. Oya designed the Nautic Sleeper to accommodate two campers and their gear. It comes equipped with storage space and a fold-down deck if the campers feel inclined to take a dive in the water. 

Towing The Nautic Sleeper (By Car)Towing The Nautic Sleeper (By Car)Towing The Nautic Sleeper (By Kayak)Towing The Nautic Sleeper (By Kayak)

The Nautic Camper would be very lightweight--able to be towed by a small vehicle or those two campers, planning to sleep inside, and their kayak. It would also be ideal for anyone wanting to be as close to nature as possible. Not only would you be floating in the water, but the large windows would allow for some amazing views. It's just too bad the Nautic Sleeper is only a concept. 

Source: Nautic Sleeper Concept