How To Break Bad In Your Browser

When I was first introduced to Breaking Bad, I was slightly puzzled at the appearance of the lead actor. I knew I'd seen him somewhere before. I knew I'd seen his face. Not too long later, it hit me - Bryan Cranston, the father from Malcolm in the Middle. I was positively floored by both the show and by Cranston's performance as Walter White; now that the series has ended he is firmly entrenched in my list of favorite actors.

When I was first introduced to Cookie Clicker, I was puzzled for a slightly different reason. Why did people actually find this drudgery fun?  All you did was click to get cookies, in order to make more cookie as a result. It was a cyclical process of repetition, and I'd soon managed to end up with seven antimatter condensers. 

Yeah, I kinda got drawn in. The only thing that eventually stopped me from clicking was the fact that my computer bluescreened...combined with the fact that I was producing so many cookies that any action on my part was hardly necessary, save stopping in every now and then to check on my progress. 

You might wonder why I'm telling you about two such vastly different properties. Well, that's simple, ladies and gents: some twisted, brilliant soul got the idea to mash the two of them together. The end result is known as Clicking Bad. 

It's about as addictive as Cookie Clicker, and considerably more complex, besides. In the former, all you really need to do is produce cookies. Click, upgrade, done. Clicking Bad, meanwhile, introduces a few new concepts. First, you've a whole two buttons to click on: one to cook your product, the other to sell it. There's also something known as Risk: each manufacturing or distribution item you purchase will either increase or decrease your risk. Allow your risk to get too high, and you'll be busted, losing all your progress in the process. 

In closing, Have a new timesink, guys.