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How Candid Can You Get? New Apps For Cat Selfies!


Two clever apps have recently been released that encourage cats to take selfies.... if you can keep your cats interested in the moving object long enough to snap the photo.  After all, they're cats!


Cat selfie made possible by Cat Snaps App: image via play.google.comCat selfie made possible by Cat Snaps App: image via play.google.com


The two apps are called Cat Snaps and Snap Cat and they are very similar. Cat Snaps is available for iPhone and Android, and has a few more options to keep your cat occupied if she can distinguish between moving mice, bugs, and balls of wool, whereas Snap Cat, an Android app, just displays a red laser beam bouncing around your cell phone screen.  This certainly can keep a cat entertained for a few seconds, anyway.


Cat Snaps app - multiple choice targets: image via play.google.comCat Snaps app - multiple choice targets: image via play.google.com

Snap Chat laser beam: image via play.google.comSnap Chat laser beam: image via play.google.com

It's when kitty pounces on the moving target that the photo snaps and you get the most candid selfie ever of your cat!  Now, if you can keep him interested...  


Snap Chat selfie: image via play.google.comSnap Chat selfie: image via play.google.com

I figured out that what you need to do is hold your smart phone over your cat's head; let her swat at the phone until she hits the sweet spot.


via IncredibleThings

That's the buzz for today!


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