How To Combat Anti-Aging With YSL Youth Liberator Serum

Yves Saint Laurent has been at the leading edge of women's appearance since 1962. From apparel, to accessories, YSL has always held the notion that a woman's appearance is her fortune. This appearance is what defines her place in the world, be it Queen Mother, or soccer mom, and everything in between. These days, appearances aren't just kept by some over-the-counter makeup. Appearances take time to groom, takes effort to maintain and requires technology to be refined. This is how Yves Saint Laurent designed their ForeverYouth Liberator line.

Forever Youth Liberator Line

YSL's Forever Youth collection consists of nine purpose-specific products. They all have one thing in common, which is to manage the aging effects of the skin. It wouldn't be accurate to label this scientific breakthrough as an anti-aging serum because it is a lot more than that. The entire line is based on the revolutionary science of glycobiology. Essentially, glycobiology is the biology of glycans. Glycans is the term used for polysaccharides or oligosaccharides, in other words, they are sugars. Glycans are usually found in the exterior surface of cells, including the cells that make up the human skin. These sugars are what is responsible for the regeneration of skin and they certainly diminish with time.

Youth Liberator's Formulation

The YSL Forever Youth Liberator is formulated with a patented trifecta of three glycans, which they call Glycanactif. It is designed to work just like the skins natural glycans and when absorbed by the cells, it boosts regeneration and strengthens the cells. YSL claims that the effects of daily use can be seen within a month of use. Considering what most women have seen with other advertised products in the market, it is rather hard to believe but looking at the reviews around town and across the Internet, it doesn't seem too far fetched anymore.

Customer Reviews

The Youth Liberator product page on Amazon labels this product as "groundbreaking." There are only a dew reviews but customers who  purchased it reported that their skin became "soft and luxurious" after use. It also was evident from what users reported that fine lines and circles decreased after use. Some users at were also pleased with the results and confirmed that the product definitely delivered on its promise. However, there are some who claimed that the effects were temporary and that the positive effects were reversed once they stopped using the product. This would make absolute sense though as the product does not promise to halt the laws of nature, it is meant to help the body counter it.

Wanting to look youthful is something that is natural in all of us. Wanting to combat aging is a need that is as old as civilization itself. But its not the vanity that drives us on this quest, it is the knowledge that one of the human frailties is not aging, but being judged by how we look. It is a fact of life and so we do want to look our best. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Scientific breakthroughs like the ones behind the YSL Youth Liberator serum provide us with the tools necessary to put our best face forward and be taken seriously. Appearance is an important aspect of any encounter. The science behind it is just as important. We don't want to just slap on any product on to our face, but knowing that it's YSL that thought of it, researched it, developed and patented it, we know that it is going to make a huge impact on the way we face the world.

The YSL Forever Youth Liberator is available at all YSL counters and online at places like Amazon, Makeupalley as well as the YSL Beauty store.

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