How Do Humans Want to Interact with Robots?



When it comes to robots there are a lot of questions left to be dealt with, and not all of them are about how many sensors you can fit on a robot hand or how to make a robot smarter than a human. Some of the big questions will do more with how we want to interact with then. Do we want to look at robots as our friends and equals? Do we want them as a servant class?


As it turns out there is a team of research scientists that are looking to figure out just that. With the help of a social robot, created by Frances Aldebaran Robotics, human were put through the paces. In one situation they were asked to help the robot, and in the other the robot helped them.


Not shockingly the people felt better about the interaction when they were getting the help, rather than giving it. The robots were actually shown to have a higher amount of social presence as well. So do we want robots slaves? Maybe so, or maybe we all just like being done a favor.


Source: Pscyh Central

Image: Morgue File