Soda Pairing: Match A DRY Soda To Your Meal

I'm not much of a soda drinker, except for an occasional Diet Coke® with a slice of pizza or a cheeseburger, but I've been looking for a non-intrusive beverage to replace a glass of wine or beer with a meal. (I usually go back to work after dinner, and a little booze makes me certifiably drunk.)

I'm happy to say that I found a soda that, of al things, is intended to be paired with food.  It's called DRY, DRY Soda, and it's so light and refreshing you will want to drink it all day!



As a dinner beverage, DRY is superb.  It comes in six flavors and each one, like wine varietals, tastes its best with different kinds of cuisines. 



  • Vanilla Bean goes well with summer dishes, fruits, roast chicken;
  • Juniper Berry is great with gamy and strong tasting foods, like quail, antipasto, portobello mushrooms and venison;
  • Lavender is luscious with cheese and desserts, especially chocolate;
  • Lemongrass is meant for Asian foods, shellfish, goat cheese and spicy dishes;
  • Kumquat's fruity taste pairs well with fish, risotto, oysters, and leafy greens; and
  • Rhubarb, which usually reminds me of summer, is recommended to drink with winter foods like prime rib and winter vegetables, as well as "comfort foods."

There are no artificial flavors in DRY; the sodas are made with extracts from natural flowers, fruits, and herbs and sweetened just a little with pure cane sugar.

The flavors are surprisingly natural tasting and very yummy, but subtle. Though not quite as provocative as the right wine, a good pairing does enhance the flavor of your food.  If you'd like to give them all a taste, you can try the multipack of 12 bottles, 2 bottles of each flavor.  Or, if you think you would prefer just one flavor, you can choose any flavor in a 12 pack from Amazon's Grocery.

And visit the Dry Soda website for mixology suggestions with spirits and wine, like currant vodka and rhubarb....



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Jul 20, 2009
by Anonymous

>> The flavors are

>> The flavors are surprisingly natural tasting and very yummy, but subtle

Me, I find them a bit too subtle. The vanilla bean tasted like half cream soda, half club soda.

At mealtime, it's easy to reduce the intensity of a beverage but lots more trouble to make it bolder.

John Martin