How LEDs Light Up Your Life in Ways You Never Imagined

So you might have taken one look at the title and went, "LED lights? What does that have to do with me?" Well, if you're well aware of what it can do and what people around you have been doing with it, then you'll agree that it has a lot to do with you.

The Basics: What are LEDs?

First of all, what's an LED? They stand for 'light-emitting diode' which emits light with very high brightness (comparative to that of old, traditional bulbs) while requiring less power. They also last longer, are smaller, and allow faster switching.

They're used for a wide variety of applications, from aviation and automotive lighting to light fixtures, advertising billboards, traffic signals, and text and video displays. Below we'll go through a couple of specific examples on how LEDs are used.


LED and Your Home

LED ropes can be installed into the recesses of your ceiling to provide a subtle glow that adds to the overall ambiance and look of your home. They're the cheaper alternative to regular flourescent lights that might require more frequent replacement.

LEDs are also often used to light up the exterior of houses. Whether it's for decorative purposes or to provide added illumination outdoors, you can count on these LEDs to literally brighten up your home.


LED and Entertainment

If you've ever been to a concert, then you might have already seen LEDs at their best: DMX Lighting. Concerts frequently do light shows to entertain the fans while the artists get ready or go for a costume change in between segments. The impressive stage lighting? That's mostly the work of LEDs, too.

The flashing lights and colorful beams chasing one another on the stage is made possible thanks to DMX, which is a 'smart' system for controlling intelligent light fixtures and dimmers. The lighting at theme parks and studios? Yeah, those are the products of LED and DMX, too.


LED and Home Decorating

It's thirty-four days before Christmas, and already many households have broken out their Christmas trees, ready for trimming come December. People traditionally use series lights to decorate door frames, windows, trees, and even the exterior of the house. However, they're not the safest lights to use and have resulted in accidents that resulted in fires over the years.

A smart alternative? LED ropes. They can be twirled around and fastened to follow the shape of the object you want to highlight. Many Christmas decorations and light 'paintings' are now made using LED lighting ropes for this reason and the ones we mentioned earlier.  (You can look here at a wide variety of LED rope lights.)


LED and Fashion

LED and fashion? Seems like a highly unlikely combination, yet here we are, with LED-embedded coats, dresses, and shirts that add a healthy dose of tech to traditional clothing. Many companies are now offering clothes that will literally light up the room, from gowns and LED-lined suit jackets to LED-embedded bikinis and hoodie jackets.

Now do you see just how much LED has been lighting up your life? 

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