How Many Times Have You Checked Your Phone Today? finally launched Mother at the 2014 International CES, an adaptable and programmable device that turns objects into smart and understanding things that enrich your life.

It has been developed by a team who have been working on this problem for the last ten years: they believe that a truly smart device is one that can watch. memorize, analyze, find patterns, learn and continuously readapt.

Sense MotherSense Mother

And Mother is truly smart. She comes with a collection of Motion Cookies - multipurpose, autonomous sensors that can be attached to almost anything - to your toothbrush, your keys, your shoes, your water bottle, your pill bottle - anything that you use throughout the day, even your phone. These sensors detect and understand movements using a tiny accelerometer, as well as track temperature, and geolocation. Discreet, yet powerful, they are Mother's helpers, out analyzing, detecting, learning, and collecting information that they sync wirelessly when they come into range.

Motion CookiesMotion Cookies

What's amazing is their versatility - you can set up a Motion Cookie to connect automatically to any object e.g your phone. Wouldn't you like to know how many times your phone is "in motion" throughout the day? How many times you check Facebook? 

Motion Cookie on a ToothBrushMotion Cookie on a ToothBrush

For the non-Facebook addicts among us, maybe you want to know when your child is on their way home from school, or whether they've brushed their teeth this morning. 

Up to 24 Motion Cookies can be used with one Mother, and she uses this information to send alerts, and notifications based on your preferences. 


SenseBoard is where you can see statistics, trends and important information, and all the data belongs to you.  

Shipments start in February, and prices are set at $222 for a Mother with a pack of 4 Cookies, and $99 for every additional set of Cookies. Check out to preorder and for more details.  

Now all I need are some ideas of what to attach these Cookies to so I can justify the investment. Any ideas? What would you attach your Motion Cookies to?