Do You Want To Protect Your Money? Try Stainless Steel

I'll just come right out and admit it: I love money.  And like many things that I love, I don't have it.

I realize that money can't buy happiness-but it sure could help buy things that would make me happy.  And something that important should be protected.

Introducing The Only Stainless Steel Wallet:

Comprised of 25,000 stainless steel threads, this wallet doesn't stretch, can't stain, and is stronger than leather.  It is immune to corrosive materials (such as acids and salt), and has no sharp edges.  This is the same material used in the aerospace, automobile, and architectural industries.

What blows my mind is that each stainless steel thread is one-third of the thickness of a piece of paper.  I can't see how these things would hold together well enough to be woven into a high-tech money protection system.  Well, okay... it doesn't have alarms and stuff on it, but you get the point...

As with most wallets, it contains two internal pockets, three credit card slits, a large pocket for all the bucks you're protecting, and the ever-present ID window.

Unlike other wallets, the stainless steel design also rebuffs the latest identity theft trick: radio-frequency hacking.  This technique involves the scanning of the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) embedded in the chips installed in certain credit cards.  Because this wallet is made up of stainless steel fibers, the RFID information cannot be scanned by hacking gear.  Sort of like how Superman can't see through lead (I think it's lead-been a while since I've read a Superman comic.  I'm more of a Batman guy, myself).

That's quite a bit of protection of happiness for around $89.00, eh?

I wonder if it can stop bullets...

You can find this item at Hammacher Schlemmer.

SOURCE: Ask the Advisor
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