How To Ship Your Booze: The Rackpac

I'm not a big boozer, but I love wine. Living in California and coming across so many wonderful wines at such great prices, I naturally want to share them with my friends. (Wait: I've been back east, and I know you don't get the wonderful variety of California wines we do.) But shipping wine? Arrgh!

The Styrofoam cases we have to deal with are HUGE. One bottle of wine wrapped like a sarcophagus in one of those expensive, carbon-footprint pieces of foam, takes up a box the size of a whole RackPac shipper, and the RackPac holds six bottles.

The RackPac, by Barrels & Bottles, is a great vehicle for shipping wine, although here in California, it might be awhile before we get to buy one. It seems only to be selling in Britain now.  Oh, and did I mention, the RackPac just won the 2009 Drinks Retailing Award for most innovative packaging product?

The Rackpac is clever. The rack not only fits neatly into a box, but can serve as a sturdy, usable wine rack at home. With its wood-like finish, it makes a nice gift presentation too.



The eco-friendly RackPac is made of recycled cardboard and, as cardboard goes, is considered sustainable. It uses minimal space in the RackPac Postal System seen above, where the only other packaging required is a strong box, two dividers and two box buffers with star-cut neck holders.

Nice job, RackPac. Send some here to California!

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Feb 13, 2009
by Anonymous

Great Idea!

Can't wait until it's available in the US.