How Sweet Is Froyo - Android's Flash-iest Dessert Du Jour

The latest iteration of Google's Android operating system is going to market as "Froyo," the frozen ice-cream substitute. Continuing its tradition of naming new OS versions as desserts in alphabetical order, the operating system has gone from "Cupcake" to "Eclair" to "Froyo." Experts say that this upgrade, although only a .01 boost to 2.2 is the tastiest to date.

Endgaget says it represents the "most user-friendly, compelling, and feature-complete version of the little green guy to date."  Competing head-on with the Apple's iPhone and iPad that lack Motorola AndroidMotorola AndroidAdobe's Flash functionality, Android supports Flash. This means users can now view any Web page without that little blue box appearing. With Froyo's Android 2.2, Motorola Droids will get up-to-speed with full support for both Adobe Flash and Adobe Air. (note: Blackberry's new tablet scheduled for launch just before the Christmas holidays is also using Flash as a major differentiator to compete with Apple's iPad).

Froyo (Android 2.2) OSFroyo (Android 2.2) OS
Engaget's Ross Miller says that "rediscovering Flash was much like reuniting with a high school friend - at first you've so much to catch up on, but then you realize how far you've grown apart." Miller's colleague, Vlad Savov refers to this innovation as "battle for minds," and "if there was any doubt that Google and Adobe are cozying up together to take on Apple, let it now be extinguished."

TechCrunch reports Froyo is "a 450 percent performance improvement" and its "smooth Flash playback" is clearly intended as a showcase of Adobe's most current software capabilities. Jerry Hildenbrand from Android Central who didn't think much of Flash has since become a believer after reviewing Froyo's Flash capabilities in Beta.

For those "Eclair" and "Cupcake" Droid fanboys and fangirls who are questioning whether to upgrade or not - Flash 10.1 is probably going to be the deal-breaker. Couple this with the ability to move apps to SD cards and the opportunity to use Flash Lite to record videos - and you'll probably see a lot of folks moving over to "Froyo." Anybody up for a food fight? How sweet it is!

Froyo vs EclairFroyo vs Eclair
Aug 2, 2010
by Anonymous

Flash for Droid Phones Without Update

For those of you who have not yet received the FroYo update - you can watch Flash videos on any android device by downloading Skyfire Mobile Browser.