How Sweet it Isn't: With New 'Pepsi Dry', Bitter is Better

Pepsi Japan is at it again, introducing yet another new flavor with which to tantalize the taste buds of Japanese who must wonder when it will all end.

Let's see now, the company has already given us Pepsi Ice Cucumber (right), Pepsi Azuki, Pepsi Shiso, Pepsi Blue Hawaii, Pepsi Baobab, Pepsi Strong Shot, Pepsi Mont Blanc, and Pepsi White. There may have been others as well, though with the most recent Pepsi White it seems that Pepsi Japan was getting away from some of the weirder, wilder flavors.

If that's the case, then new Pepsi Dry shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Due to be officially released on Tuesday, May 24th of 2011, Pepsi Dry supposedly offers soft drinkers a sharp, clean finish with only half the sweetness of regular Pepsi. Seems as though Pepsi Japan's marketing department aims to target those who drink their Scotch neat and their coffee black.

Could it be that Pepsi Japan has taken a sharp, clean u-turn away from the fruity, sugary flavors of the past?

With the emphasis on traditional “Bitter Cola”, PJ is reaching back to the origins of cola soft drinks by channeling the noble Kola Nut. This West African relative of the Cocoa plant was and is known for its bittersweet taste and natural high caffeine content – attributes that gave those early colas a real kick in the can.

In keeping with the no-nonsense vibe, Pepsi Dry is being packaged with a somewhat severe silver label displaying plain black text and a small, unobtrusive Pepsi logo. The word “DRY” is rendered larger than the corporate brand name and a strip of text near the bottom reads 甘くないコーラ, or "Bitter Cola". Pepsi Dry will be sold in 490ml bottles priced at 140 yen (about $1.69) each. Here's lookin' at you, kid! (via Walker Plus)