How To Tell If Your Baby Has A Fever: Use Innovative BabyGlows Detecting Fashion

An innovative new technology in clothing is set to be released this month in the UK, and it's geared towards making the lives of mothers easier. This new technology in baby clothing is darn cute and designed to help babies communicate distress even though they don't have the vocabulary available.

Temperature Detecting Baby ClothingTemperature Detecting Baby Clothing

Since fever can be an indication of illness or distress, one innovative inventor has created a clothing item designed to help babies let parents know when they're not feeling well. The Babyglows sleepers change from their original color to white when a baby has a temperature, so parents know right away when they need to take control over their child's health. The sleepers are set to retail in the UK this month for 20 GBP per pack, and are available in pink, blue or pastel green. Chris Ebejer, the designer behind this unique fashion item for babies is also in talks with retailers in the US and worldwide to expand the availability of his product line!


Where can you get your hands on these? Well, we're not sure yet, but do stay tuned!

Via: Daily Mail

Oct 28, 2009
by Anonymous

Innovative New Technology!?

I had that when I was in junior high, it was called hypercolor or something. Well done man, you've recreated an 80's fad.