How To Build A Boat Out Of American Items

Some people show their patriotism in an ordinary way, like dressing up as Abe Lincoln for Halloween or buying as much fireworks as they can for Fourth of July. But this isn’t the case for one particular father and his son.

Source: Duckworks

Taking creativity outside, the family duo decided to build a boat made out of things that are American. Instead of using wood, they used common items such as duct tape, PVC pipe and plastic.

The father and son duo started building their invention with a PVC pipe frame. They used duct tape to fasten the pipes together, while construction plastic was used as a test skin. Despite having a failed prototype on their first attempt back in 2007, the successful version of the boat was built at a campsite in about five hours.

To find out more about the interesting project, you can check out the whole story on Duckworks.

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