How To Build A Pair Of Stereo Speakers

Woodworking projects can be extremely hard to do if you don’t know anything about the different machines. However, with some assistance from a friend and some handy instructions, you might just be able to make something rather unique: like your own pair of speakers.

Source: Instructables  

Over at Instructables, one member has come up with 13 steps to building and designing your own speakers. For a DIY, 13 is a lot of steps, but just think about how long the instructions are for putting together a barbecue or even a cabinet from IKEA. If you have the patience and determination to complete those projects, then creating your own speakers can be a worthwhile experience.

Like a true professional, the site member explains every single detail of the project. Along with describing how to cut and put together the panels for the box, they also show you how to paint on decorations using stencils.

Unlike most DIYs, every step of this project is extremely detailed which helps because you’re able to create a professional piece when you’re finished. Just the idea of having made your own set of speakers is exciting in itself. That excitement is what makes a great DIY project.

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