How To Create A Disc Mount

Sadly, music junkies are running out of creative ways to store their CDs. Some don’t keep the actual packaging for discs because they take up too much space and binders are just plain and bulky. But the harmless deprivation may soon end as one inventor has come up with a rather peculiar solution.

Source: Instructables

Instead of actually creating some sort of storage, an individual at Instructables has created the disc mount: a small magnetic holder. Made from a foam CD hub, a nylon washer, a neodymium magnet and a white vinyl sticker, the magnet can help stick your discs to pretty much anything you desire.

The process in putting together a disc mount is pretty simple. All you have to do is combine the items together in a particular order and you’ll be ready to stick your CDs around your house. Like most magnets, the disc mount can stick to any metal surface that contains a significant amount of iron, so expect your creativity levels to skyrocket! For instance, there are tons of ideas you can come up with. Like how about sticking your CDs and DVDs to the subwoofer of your speaker system? Or even attaching them to your fridge (not very imaginative, but pretty darn cool)?

Overall, the disc mount does seem like a very simple idea, but it can let your imagination run free. That alone makes it a great DIY that you’ll continue to have fun with for months to come.

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