How To Make A ChapStick LED Flashlight

Creativity and imagination can make a person’s lifestyle a lot more interesting. In this case, the traits just happened to make an inventors idea-light bulb flicker.

Source: Instructables  

By combining two common items, the Instructables user BCat was able to create a ChapStick tube that could be used as a flashlight. Now since ChapStick tubes are pretty small, turning it into a flashlight does take some patience. However, with a little bit of soldering, wiring and assembly, you will have a new gadget that you can show off to your friends!

In order to make the flashlight, the inventor used the following items:

- ChapStick tube

- Tactile switch

- A23 Battery (12V)

- 470-Ohm resistor

- 10mm white LED

- Solder

- Heat shrink tubing

- Wire

- “N” battery holder

- J-B Weld

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