How To Make A Rule Organ

Even if it was created out of sheer boredom, this DIY takes one of the most popular school items and turns it into a neat invention that can help pass the time.

Source: Make

Like most kids at school, I’ve often found myself twanging a ruler on the edge of a desk. Sure it was a popular thing to do in elementary school, but I’ve found myself doing the same act even in college. It’s good to see that other people, like Steven Goodwin, have enjoyed this form of entertainment. But instead of using one simple ruler, Goodwin has taken the act to a whole new level.

By taping thirteen rulers to a desk, the inventor was able to create a new musical instrument: the rule organ. Since he taped each ruler at a different length, Goodwin was able to come up with a true musical instrument that can relieve anyone’s boredom. The DIY does sound useless, but once you’ve made it, it will be pretty hard to ignore it when you have nothing else to do!

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