How To Make Your Own LED Chess Set

Chess may be a “thinking game” but why not enjoy the activity with pieces that can light up a room?

Source: Instructables

One individual at came up with a simple way of designing your very own LED chess set. By using simple tools like a pair of pliers, a knife and a soldering iron.

The items used for the project include:

- A glass chess set.

- 40 LEDs.

- Copper wire.

- Glue.

- A resistor and a phone charger.

The creator placed wiring across the chess board and used the old phone charger to generate power. By sticking LEDs under the wire and soldering them into the chess pieces, the ordinary chess set turns into a brighter and more colourful version.

To find out the exact instructions on how to make your very own LED chess set, you can visit the following link.

Jul 21, 2008
by Anonymous

LED Chess Set

July 21, 2008 = I am in a dilemma. Normally, a wooden Staunton set would be my choice, as I enjoy playing the game. But we have a medieval motif in our living room and a small game table for chess, checkers, backgammon. So I am thinking of getting a medieval set with pieces no larger than the standard.Staunton. I'm a history buff, but the sets I have seen so far (celtic, napoleanic, abbey, roman, greek, etc. doesn't do it for me. Is there a Charlemagne set that you can direct me to? That is the period and country that most appeals to me (and our decor). Thanks, David