How To Make Your Very Own iPhone Charger

With help from some simple instructions, building a personal charger for your iPhone can be pretty straight-forward, even if you’re not that great with electronics.

Source: Tzy Wen  

An individual named Chen Tzy Wen has created a unique iPhone charger you can’t find at a store. By using a car USB charger, the inventor was able to create a device that could charge his Apple product when needed.

The detailed instructions can be confusing for those who don’t know anything about electronics, but the process is fairly easy to understand. By using a circuit diagram he made himself, the inventor was able to match the D+ and D- pins so the connection would be perfect. Once the project was finished, Tzy Wen triple-checked his circuit and used a voltmeter to make sure everything was correct.

Source: Tzy Wen

The only disclaimer people should know about is the fact that you will be putting your iPhone charger in danger by connecting it to a custom device. The only way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to follow the steps carefully (if you do take on the project) and maybe even get some help from a friend who understands electrical wiring.

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