How To Turn A Tree Stump Into A Cooler

Tree stumps are a part of nature that never looks good, in our backyards anyway.

Source: Apartment Therapy

One individual named Ana (from Apartment Therapy) has found an idea that can put an old stump to use. Instead of removing the stump, which takes a lot of time and can be expensive, why not turn it into a beverage cooler?

All you basically need to do to turn a tree stump into a refreshing cooler is a chainsaw. By making a hole in the middle of the stump, you can now set up your unique beverage storage area. Just use a heavy duty garbage bag, fill it with ice and add your favourite drinks!

Not only is this idea perfect for the summer heat, but it’s an interesting attraction that’s bound to have friends talking. Plus it beats lugging around a cooler everywhere when you have company over!

Click here to see more pictures of the interesting creation.

Jul 21, 2008
by Anonymous


it looks better without the garbage bag....perhaps they should have a bucket or something instead of a garbage bag...

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous

freaking awsome

freaking awsome