How To Turn An RC Car Into A Floor Sweeper

Chores can be a bore because they’re absolutely no fun. Some people have claimed they don’t mind cleaning, but where’s the joy in sweeping or mopping a floor? Surprisingly, the joy can’t be found in a broomstick or a mop bucket, instead it’s in a toy car.

Source: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories  

The discovery was made over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. By using an RC car like this one and the end of an electrostatic dust mop, like a Swiffer, the invention was born. Even though the idea of connecting the two items together seems like a complex task, it really isn’t that bad as far as DIYs go.

Source: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

The first step the inventor took was removing the body of the RC car to find a place to connect to. By building a plank (a.k.a. blank printed circuit board) at the front bumper of the toy car, the end of the dust mop could be easily attached. Now some might not like the idea of using a blank printed circuit board, but they’re very useful for this type of invention. Not only are they cheap and flame-retardent, but circuit boards are easy to cut to shape and are ready to be soldered.

Having an RC car do all the dirty work is a great idea. Whether you’re a student or a parent, it’s an easy alternative when you’re tired of cleaning. But when a stain needs to be scrubbed, don’t expect your new invention to take care of the problem for you!

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