How To Turn Your iPod Into a Mini Pinball Machine

That song by America literally began playing in my head as I was reading up on this innovative app(cessory) for the iPhone and iPod Touch: the Pinball Magic.

You can do magic,
you can have anything that you desire.
Magic, and you know,
you're the one who can put out the fire.

I got to the part about eyes that hypnotize before the tune died away since I didn't know the lyrics after that but the song is besides the point.

I reckon that I only thought of the song because of the accessory's name in the first place. While Pinball Magic doesn't necessarily perform any tricks or magic per se, it sure does a fine job of transforming your iPhone and iPod Touch into a full-fledged mini pinball machine.

Now here's the deal on the regular-sized pinball machines: they're expensive. And if you choose to play them at the local arcade then that can also rack up quite a lot of quarters in the long run. So what's a cheaper alternative that you can get so you can enjoy the game all the same? Well, you guessed it: the Pinball Magic.

It provides you with a realistic pinball gaming experience and it comes with a pinball app that works perfectly with the handy little app(cessory). Just like your traditional machine, Pinball Magic is equipped with side mounted flipper buttons, a ball-launching plunger, and a credit/selection button. The animated back box and the oscillating LED indicators that depend on the intensity of your game add further to your gaming pleasure.

The Pinball Magic is powered by your iPhone or iPod Touch but uses so little power that you can literally play for hours on end and not run low on juice.

Here are the manufacturer's description for this nifty add-on:
  • Multiple classic and unique playboard layout
  • Advanced multi-level and multiplayer competition
  • Four possible multi-ball modes
  • End-of-ball and replay bonuses
  • Tilt detection, tilt warning and activation

You can check out the video below to see the Pinball Magic in action:

You can get the Pinball Magic here: Amazon.


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