How To Keep Watch Over Everyone And Everything, From Anywhere

What's with all the surveillance cameras and security devices available these days? All the baby monitors, puppy cams and nanny cams? Are we this paranoid about what's going on after we leave the house? So desperate to be digitally connected in every possible way?


Well, good, because here's more feast for your suspicions.

Here's what happens when you take a standard home video camera and enable it to a customized video and alarm management platform built from the ground up..

You get an easy-to-install, souped-up home surveillance system offering a boatload of features that'll help you keep an eye on people, things, and pets.

K800k's promise with their wireless security surveillance system is that you can keep watch over anything from anywhere. This is a stretch. Try keeping tabs on a giant redwood at the heart of a California forest and you'll need to order the extra long extension cord.

Still, with live video accessible from your computer, iPad, Android, and iPhone there's lot's that is fair game with this system.

You can either hardwire the camera to a router, or connect wirelessly as part of a wireless network. In either situation, the cameras will need to be powered by plugging into a power outlet. Hence the difficulty with viewing redwoods remotely.

Once you've got the camera set up, which should take somewhere less than 15 minutes, what you do with it might only be limited by your imagination.

If you want to check up on a second home, or use the camera as a puppy cam to keep an eye on your dog (fyi he's probably sleeping), or as an audio visual connect with your partner while one of you is away, these things can be easily done. 

Not sure the babysitter you just hired is playing with a full deck? The K800K indoor camera makes a great digital baby video monitor. Set it up in the nursery and you'll be able to listen and keep watch from anywhere. The night vision feature might come in handy too.

There's also an app so you can view everything from your phone. With one of these things set up, there'll be no need to set foot in the nursery at all. Go ahead and take a night off. Just be sure to keep the phone close by and you'll know exactly when it's time to rush back.

The cameras can be used in three three basic ways to stay in touch with people and stuff:

You can simply keep watch with the remote camera view - this has popular appeal for your common or garden voyeur;

If youre a bit more ambitious, you can move it up a bit and connect with people using the two-way audio feature - best for someone looking for a more interactive viewing experience;

And for those who don't want to be watching or listening unless they know for sure there's something worthwhile to look at, you can use it as a home or business alarm system where you're notified of any possible activity by text or email. Both the indoor and outdoor models are equipped with motion sensors that can be set remotely.

Those are the basics. But there's more cool stuff for you to play with.

Record Video - neither the outdoor or indoor video camera is recording continuously. If you want to record something, simply log onto your platform account and click record. Save the file to your hard drive or other device.

Here's how this might play out in the real world: you've set the camera to notify you via text of any motion the camera picks up. When the camera detects motion, it will immediately take 6 photos and store them in your account.

After you get the text, which should be pretty much simultaneous, you can then log into your account to view what's happening. If it's important, simply hit the record button, and depending what it is, either start dialing 911, or roll over and go back to sleep. You'll be able to check the stored photos of the initial event later. 

This is a much better scenario than the one where you race back early from vacation after your alarm service goes off, only to find that it went off for no reason.

Take Snapshots - if you're checking in on the kids or the puppy and they're doing something cute, take a picture.

Night Vision - Switches off and on automatically according to how light or dark it is. Here's a shot using night vision taken at around midnight from a room with no artificial light.


Pan, Tilt, Zoom - the outdoor cameras are fixed, so pan and tilt is only available on the indoor models. This essentially gives you full control of the camera to scan the room. You won't get a 360 scan, but it's close. Place the camera in the corner of the room, and there won't be much that you don't have covered.

Live Share - perhaps the coolest feature is the live video share. You can set up a private id number and send it by text or email. Whoever you sent it to then enters the number into the share center, and they're given access to your live video.

There are different restrictions you can set up, such as whether to make the share private or public, time limits, and whether or not to give your recipient control of the camera. Not sure why you'd want to give them that kind of control, but hey, if you want, you can do it.

Motion Alerts - I touched on this briefly already. You can set the sytem to notify you via text message whenever there's motion in range of the camera. Text alerts happen in real time.

You can also choose to be notified by email. Clearly you'll need to be checking emails to pick up this alert, and depending on the time it takes for the email to land in your inbox, this probably won't have the immediacy of a text. 

Apps - Android and iPhone apps are also available, so you can keep up to date with the latest video action right from your phone.

Two-way audio - So you can check in and see the family, and have a chat with everyone too. They can't see you, of course, but that might be a good thing.

Each account allows you to add up to 16 cameras. That's quite a bit of coverage. So long as you have Internet service, you can install the cameras anywhere.

Do you have multiple properties all over the world? Lucky you. Open a second account. That'll give you 16 more cameras to fool around with..

That's about it. If you're looking to keep watch, stay in touch, and get social with your video, you can do it all with this system. Order a camera today and start surveilling. You can get a K800K wireless camera right here.