How To Work On Your iPad Or Table Device From Just About Anywhere

Designed by Octa, the Monkey Kit Tablet Tail is 3 feet long and if you have any fear of snakes, looks like it might keep you up at night. Especially if you're using it in bed, which is not unlikely, because it's designed to hold on to your tablet and leave your hands free to work on your favorite device in almost any position.

Monkey Tail means you can use your iPad or similar device pretty much anywhere you want. Even in a tree, if hanging from branches with a tablet attached nearby is your thing.

The Monkey Tail attaches to any smooth surface - which includes the back of most tablets - by means of a vacuum pump. With the Vacuum Dock installed, you push the suction cup onto the back of your device, then give the Dock a few pumps, and you should be all hooked up and ready to go.

While it's got great grip - way better than your average suction cup - don't expect it to hold on to your iPad for ever. More than 24 hours up that tree and you might be asking for trouble. 

The rubbertail of the Monkey Kit is strong and very flexible, which means you can make use of it in a pretty wide range of situations.

Octa describes three basic positions for the tail to be used, although within these there are countless ideas, limited perhaps only by your imagination, or your location.

The Wrap, in which the tail can be wrapped around pretty much anything and still hold on tight.

The Tuck. In this position the tail gets wedged between two surfaces.

The Stand. Here's where you curl the tail into a circular shape to use it in what is about the closest you'll get to anything approaching a regular stand.

Octa raised money on Kickstarter to develop Monkey Kit, and also has other tail ideas for your mobile devices.

If you like the idea of your iPads and Androids propped up on whale fins, then you're in the right place.

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