Howie’s Hand Me Downs: Durable Fashion Designed To Last Forever

Even designer clothing isn't designed to last forever. Howie's Hand Me Downs specializes in making high-quality clothing that uses fabrics and materials made to withstand the tests of time; so not only will your fashion purchases last your lifetime, they can spend their days draped on a second generation wearer and still look great. Read on decide if this clothing manufacturer that emphasizes recycling fashion is onto a trendsetting concept, or if its classic style is a fashion flop.

Howie's Hand Me Downs has based their fashion business and garments on reducing consumption. By making better quality clothing that is guaranteed to last at least 10 years, they hope that fashion lovers will need to buy less clothing during their lifetime, to reduce use of resources through clothing manufacturing.

Howie's Hand Me Downs doesn't make clothing that you can expect to see on the runways at New York's Fashion Week, but it is functional and fashionable.  The clothing line designed to be handed down includes jackets and bags for both men and women. The jacket, which retails for 400 GBP, is made of Ventile; a tightly woven cotton that's only found in the top 2% of the world's cotton crop. This high-quality fabric contains 24,000 stands of cotton, which takes about 16 hours to weave. Since Ventile is such a dense fabric, it is also naturally water resistant and designed to withstand wear and tear over time.

Howie's Hand Me Downs sustainable fashion line carries three different types of fashionable bags for men and women. A backpack, which goes for 195 GBP, a messenger bag which retails for 185 GBP and a small canvas satchel which is 125 GBP. Each of the styles of bags are made of a heavy wax canvas with aluminum zip hardware that is rustproof, and main compartments use hook buckles for closure so that there are no breakable moving parts.

Howie's Hand Me Downs are not designed to remain on the cusp of cutting-edge fashion, since clothing designs are made to last for at least 10 years, the jackets and bags are classic in style so they never seem outdated. Their recyclable clothing, designed to be handed down follows a functional military style, so it may not be for fashionistas used to wearing designer clothing straight off the runways in Paris and Milan.

Howie's Hand Me Downs is definitely onto something; creating high quality clothing built to last. However, when buying clothing made to last forever, you certainly can't expect to have much diversity in your wardrobe.

In addition to their Hand Me Down clothing line, Howie's also designs trendy styles of clothing for those who aren't into the sustainable fashion line.