How's This For Minimalism? The Chop Stick Wardrobe

What a clever and fun design is the Chop Stick Wardrobe.  Not created by an Asian, but by Swiss designer Andreas Saxer, who happens to be a design professor at the Chang-Geng University Taipei in Taiwan.  I'd say Saxer's Chop Stick Wardrobe just may have been influenced by his stay on the Chinese island.



When I first saw the photos of the Chop Stick Wardrobe, what came to mind was a temporary hanging space for clothing, a handy "rack" where you might hang your perishable laundry to air dry or your freshly ironed shirts as you finished each one.  But then I thought about how a pair or so of the Chop Stick Wardrobes would beautifully solve the problem of closet space shortage in urban apartments.  The Chop Stick even makes a neat "coat rack" in a modern office.

Yes, it can hold heavy winter coats, although they may detract from the minimalist design. The loosely connected Chop Stick Wardrobe - "four wooden sticks... with an aliminum profile" - depends on the weight of the clothing to reinforce the stability of the system.




The Chop Stick Wardrobes have great potential in retail as well, whether in clothing boutiques or as portable hanging systems for design shows and markets.

Hmm. I don't know why, but I'm getting a yen for Chinese food....