HP, Samsung Team Up; Announce Z-Turbo G2 Solid-State Drives

HP doesn't make solid-state drives, but they have sprawling PC and server businesses. So, wanting to provide more options to owners of its Z-Series workstations, the firm has teamed up with Samsung for the Z-Turbo Drive G2, a PCIe SSD card that exploits some of the newest storage technologies.



Based on Samsung's SM951 drives, the flagship 512GB Z-Turbo G2 can read and write at up to 2150 and 1550MB/s, respectively. That's, oh, about four and three times faster than many other SSDs. The Z-Turbo achieves this by using a quad-lane PCIe 3.0 link (instead of SATA) and by ditching the aging AHCI transfer protocol for NVM Express.

Of course, you'll need a newer PC (certain HP Z-Series machines or otherwise) to take advantage of these features. While an x4 PCIe 2.0 slot might handle up to ~1800MB/s of sustained reads, you may need to update your motherboard's BIOS to get NVMe support working.

Otherwise, the Z-Turbo G2 is rated for 300K and 100K IOps of random I/O performance. A 256GB model will be available, though it's capped at 1260MB/s for writes. The smaller model is rated for just 146TB of total writes, also, whereas the 512GB one can take 292TB before wearing out its MLC flash.

But don't make that seem like the 256GB version will be affordable, because it won't be. June should see the Z-Turbo Drive G2 models come available for a whopping USD $399 and $699 each, and you'll likely have to go through HP if you're still interested in purchasing one.