HP Takes Picture Frames to the Next Level with Dreamscreen

Everyone recognizes the picture frame. We've seen our horrible candids pasted all around Aunt Janet and grandma's house since we were young kids. For years, picture frame designers used different shapes, colors and designs to help draw attention from the hideous mug being featured inside the frame, and provide a little extra style to go with the owner's home decor.

Those days are now but a distant memory and it takes a lot more to make a picture frame pop. With the advent of digital frames, functions like slideshows, quickly swapping pictures when a relative got on your bad side, Wi Fi, Bluetooth and audio have become commonplace. Picture frames are far more than their name implies.


Now HP hopes to take the digital picture frame to the next level.  Its new HP DreamScreens feature 800 x 400 widescreen displays, ARM processors, 2 gigs of flash memory, card readers and 802.11 b/g Wi Fi connectivity. Controls are integrated into the sides of the frame (you know the part that actually used to be referred to as a frame) and automatically light up when the user comes near, otherwise staying dim to keep attention focused on the frame's subject.

The DreamScreen provides a bridge between the Internet and home media collection, allowing you to seamlessly display all your pictures to the company in your living room. View JPG, PNG, BMP photos from the card reader, USB slot or streamed from your PC. Alternately, play slideshows with music streamed from your PC or Snapfish. Also play a variety of video formats or use the DreamScreen to listen to music streamed from your personal collection, Pandora or HP Smart Radio via built-in speakers. Rounding out the feature list, you can get Facebook updates and weather information, as well as use the frame as a calendar and alarm clock. The Dreamscreens even include remote controls, so you can enjoy all the media from your couch.  Your picture frame is now an integral piece in your home multimedia system.

The Dreamscreens come in two models: the 10.2-inch 100 and 13.3-inch 300. Retail is $250 for the 100 and $300 for the 300, available now at HP's website and at Amazon.

PC Mag via GadgetCrave 

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