HP's Sprout PC Combines All-In-One Computer, 3D Object Scanner

3D printing is great and all, but stuff to print has to come from somewhere. 3D modeling software is one option, but HP's new Sprout PC is now another. Combining an AiO PC with some 3D imaging magic from Intel, the Sprout will convert any small object you have into a digital model, ripe for manipulation.



The Sprout in general is designed for hands-on creative use. Up front instead of keyboard and mouse, there's a 20" capacitive touch mat with 20-point multitouch, lit as a second screen by an overhead projector. Also pointing at the mat from the projector's angle are an Intel RealSense 3D camera, which is what bring in the real magic.

The RealSense camera, in conjunction with HP's software, allows one to make fully 3D models of, really, any smallish object one has on hand. The recently announced 3D Capture Stage accessory auto-rotates and tilts said object during a scan. The digitized models can then be manipulated on the Sprout's touch mat, shared with others using an online app, or printed out using an attached 3D printer.

The Sprout also points a 14.6-megapixel 2D camera at its touch mat, for boring 2D imaging, along with a 1-megapixel front webcam for selfies. An Adonit Jot Pro stylus is also included for virtual drawing.



Naturally, the Sprout PC itself is beefy enough to handle its workload. Intel's Core i7-4790S CPU and Nvidia's GeForce GT 745A discrete graphics run the show, backed by 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hybrid hard drive. The device's 23", 1920x1080-pixel display is itself a touchscreen, with 10-point multitouch.

Four USB ports, WiFi, Bluetooth, and gigabit Ethernet are all also provided. The system runs Windows 8.1; HP will need to do some qualification work to make sure their 3D imaging hardware and software package runs fine on Windows 10.



All of that said, HP already has the Sprout PC available on its website, for a grand $1,900 USD. The 3D Capture Stage is available separately for an additional $300. These together make up the only PC system of their kind currently on the market.