New Worries With HPV Vaccine?

Gardasil, a vaccine designed to prevent the HPV (human papillomavirus) virus has been causing some uproar lately. Over 7,800 people receiving the Gardasil vaccine have reported negative reactions, ranging from pain at the site of injection to more serious side-effects, stated the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Gardasil, made by Merck and Co. Inc., was approved by the FDA in 2006 as a vaccine against four strands of HPV which can cause cervical cancer.

The complaints from people range from nausea and genital warts, to paralysis, blood clots and even death. The Centers for Disease Control have said that of the 10 reported deaths, none of them have been linked to the vaccine.

Articles state that when Gardasil was being tested in the U.S. before being licensed, 10 individuals who were in the group that received the vaccine died, and seven in the placebo group died. None of these deaths were considered vaccine-related.

From, "two girls allege in court that the vaccine made them sick.

One -- Jesalee Parsons of Broken Bow, Oklahoma -- got the shot at age 13.

Jesalee's lawyer, Michael McLaren, said she got the shot on February 27, 2007 and soon developed a fever and felt pain. The next day, he said, Jesalee felt pain in her chest and abdomen.

Her mother, Laura Parsons, said Jesalee spent weeks in the hospital and underwent two surgeries after developing pancreatitis. She says the federal government should have studied the drug more before approving its use.

"I just feel let down by the government," Parsons said.

Merck says it could be a coincidence that the girls got sick after receiving the vaccine."

If I was a parent, I would definitely be worried. Not only have they been heavily promoting Gardasil in the media, I would be concerned that I'd have to give my child a vaccine like this at such an early age. And now I'd have to wonder if she's going to get serious ill from this? Anyone out there know of someone that has gotten any side-effects from this shot?


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Jul 9, 2008
by Anonymous


I'm almost sure that it has been an uproar somewhat since it started beeing given to people. Since it would have needed further studies etc. Also a bit annoying with vaccines that everyone should get them, but everyone is different and therefore going to react different to the vaccine. It is just ideal that everyone could get the vaccines. They need to be improved so truly everyone can get them without harmful effects and for free.

Jul 10, 2008
by Anonymous

Vaccine giving Warts?

I remember reading when the vaccine first came out that it did not use live cultures meaning it could not give you the virus it was protecting you from. 80% of all women have some strain of HPV since it can lay dormant and you can pass it on without knowing. I had contracted HPV from someone but I did not develop warts until over a year later (therefore not knowing I had it for over a year).

Fox news reported that only 7% of people recieving the shot (or 7,800 out of 8 million) have side effects. That is less then most other vaccines. How many people who have the flu shot get the flu?

Like I said from the beginning, do your own research and make up your own decisions. I have gotten the vaccine and will recommend it.

My only side effect was pain at the injection site which is what happens with most shots.

New York

Nov 10, 2008
by Anonymous


This very dangerous and deadly vaccine needs to be taken off the market immediately. I have researched must be 100 articles on the net, all say and point to the same thing.
The US govt owns the patent, and not Merck, who would have guessed that? Why is the US govt involved? A must read net article, Polysorbate 80 and Histidine, a Marriage of Disaster, by Cynthia Janak; (if you want to understand the possible connection to adverse reactions and the disability we are seeing.. read this. Read the net studies on polysorbate 80 done in female neonatal rats. The study produced accelerated and incomplete growth of reproductive organs and infertility. Remember, Merck never studied Gardasils effect on fertility, nor its possible carcinogenic effect. Although its claimed that said study was done with higher amounts of polysorbate 80 than in Gardasil; exactly how much would it take to produce the same thing in a 9 yr old girl? Sterilization programs have already, (unwittingly to the subjects), been tested in other countries, using tetanus and measles vaccines-combined with Human Clorionic Gonadatropin, the pregnancy hormone. Both the HCG was found in the vaccines and the antibody in some recipiants. Is this the same thing, with Gardasil?

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous

stats are available now

Merck rallies for their vaccines to become the law.
No one need get everyone to take a vaccine for Papillomavirus much less juveniles who are below the
age for sexual activity like tweens. Pushing this on ten
year olds is an insult to intelligence of parents everywhere. Rare for ten year olds still to be sexually active. Even if a child is sexually active they are not go to necessarily
get Papillomavirus. The facts just don't add up for Merck
to try so hard to get everyone to go through with this.
Did you all hear how Merck says children shouldn't even
be allowed to attend school without this shot. That's
an outrage as Papillomavirus has not ever been as communicable as the flu or anything else. The large
factor for all of this would be that no one drops dead
from Papillomavirus. Children have dropped dead for seizures after the Gardasil vaccine however and they
have suffered also from paralysis more often than not.
Gardasil appears to be limiting the functionality of the
small tween body before maturation to be able to do
long term damage to children preventing them from
becoming healthy child bearing adults or late teens.

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous

facts alright

Welcome to your sterile child free life then Kristin of
New York. I want my children to have a choice though. Those will be some expensive bills for you trying to get fertile. I hope you place two and two together someday.