HTC Slim Concept Combines Style And Business Savvy

Designer Sylvain Gerber has created a new prototype phone for HTC - the Slim - intended to meld the needs of business with the style of the streets.

Mobile phones are more than just communications devices now; they have become fashion statements, clothing accessories and part of a person's overall wardrobe and appearance. Restaurants and shops are full of users looking at their phones, talking on their phones, playing with their phones and generally just showing off their phones to whoever happens to glance their way.

For business users, a phone is still far more about what can be done with it than how great it looks but many high-powered users can't help but wish for a more stylish alternative. Now, Sylvain Gerber has developed a concept phone for HTC called the "Slim" that is not only sleek and stylish but shies away from many of the multimedia time-wasters that come with other phones and instead just gets down to business.

Slim phone: big business function.Slim phone: big business function. 

The curved design of the phone gives it a nice "future" look and combined with a magnesium case and carbon fiber back plate it is no low player in the quality department either. The front three buttons are large and intended to be used with thumb or large finger, making mis-steps far less likely than on increasingly small-buttoned phones.

Gerber's design incorporates a great deal of visual style without the empty flair of many person cellphones, leaving a stripped-down and focused business version in its place. Marketed correctly, the Slim could bring in fat sales numbers for HTC.

Source: Tuvie